• The Allison Residence
    The Allison Residence
    When you begin the journey of building a custom home you have so many questions and concerns. The biggest of them being, whom do I pick to build my home? If you have made it to this website, you need not look any further. 

    Dustin built a few of our friends’ homes, so we already had a level of comfort knowing how happy they were with their experience. We looked at a few other builders, but ultimately decided to trust Dustin with our dream home. From our very first meeting we were put at ease as Dustin explained his process from start to finish. One of the things we enjoyed most was the fact that by the time we were ready to sign our construction contract, we knew exactly what our home would look like and how much it would cost. You can imagine the peace of mind knowing there won't be surprises at the end when it comes to your final cost. 

    Throughout the process Dustin and his team (Rick and Drew) were always there to answer any questions or concerns we had as well as meet demands we made in terms giving us exactly what we wanted. Were there bumps in the road? Absolutely, that is to be expected. But we always trusted Dustin's process and in the end, he gave us the home we had envisioned at the start. Perhaps the biggest compliment we can give is that if we had to start the process over again today, we wouldn't hesitate to pick Dustin. 

    Best of tuck with your dream home. Dustin will take great care of you!

    Todd & Julie Allison
    Todd & Julie Allison
  • The Turland Family
    The Turland Family
    Dear Dustin,  I have never dealt with anyone with more professionalism and integrity than you and your staff. From the very beginning there was an absolute feeling of competence and confidence in you and your staff. The plans that were laid out for us, and your understanding of them, was reassuring to me and Debra after the first time we met. The whole family atmosphere that you present was comforting. I knew we would have no reservations about you guys from that point on. Your help with the financing  and your knowledge about it made this whole process painless even in these tough times.  There are so many things that are involved in building a home. The floors, cabinets, paint, lights, concrete, even the swimming pool, and we never had a single problem with any of them. I just have nothing but thanks to give to you about how smooth you really made this whole process. From the beginning, picking out floors and fixtures, through landscaping the yard, nothing was an issue for us. I wanted you to know I have the highest regard for your whole operation and thought I should tell you. Tell Rick and everyone else, the Turland family says “great job and thanks for everything”.  If I can ever be of service to you and return the favor, just let me know. Thanks again for a wonderful home.

    The Turland Family
    The Turland Family
  • The Fugitt Residence
    The Fugitt Residence
    We recently used Dustin Dewald with DPD Custom Homes to build our new home in the country and could not be happier.  The level of professionalism from Dustin exceeded our expectations, he was able to include everything we wanted and made suggestions to make it even better.  After being in our new home for a year now, we can still say that there is nothing that we would change and we would highly recommend DPD Custom Homes to anyone that wants a high-quality home...5 stars!
    Joe Fugitt
  • The Miller Residence
    The Miller Residence
    Simple, easy and painless best describes the professional process we encountered with DPD, Incorporated, when choosing them to build our custom home. 

    Throughout the planning stage, the design of the home and the building phase, co-operation and explanation were always at the forefront with the entire DPD team. 

    The individualized planning of our home was based on our ideas and needs as well as the shared experiences of the DPD team. This made the planning and design phase a positive and seamless experience that will last throughout the years. 

    Schedules for the building phases were outlined and checkpoint dates were established. This removed the guesswork and provided clarity during this entire building event. 

    Happy and pleased best describes our experience with all the folks on the DPD team. 

    You won't be disappointed by choosing this experienced team at DPD, Incorporated to build your custom home either. 

    Sheila and Jack Miller 
    Jack Miller
  • The Hedges Residence
    The Hedges Residence
    We love our Dustin Dewald Custom Lake Home!!!

    We bought our home from Dustin as a spec house. We had been searching in the Austin TX area for a lake or river house for over 6 months. We had looked at literally 50 houses all over the Austin area on Lake Austin, Lake Travis, Marble Falls Lake, Lake LBJ, Inks Lake, Canyon Lake, Lake McQueeny as well as the Guadalupe, Pedernales, and San Gabriel rivers. We found many houses we liked but never found our home. 

    We saw an advertisement for the Lake LBJ Parade of Homes in which our future home was featured. We asked our real estate agent to get us in to see the house a couple of days before the Parade of Homes. We walked in and found the home we were looking for!! We put in an offer the next day and the rest is history!

    Our real estate agent was a friend of one of our sons and had visited the lake house we had near Tyler TX many times and knew the type of house we were looking for to call home and to enjoy lake side living. When we asked him and our son on a scale of 1 to 10 if this Dustin Dewald Custom Home met all our criteria. We all decided it was at least 15 or higher. 

    We've been in our home for 3 years now and still have not found anything we would change. Dustin had laid out the home as if his family would live there. We had plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, closet space, and storage. The outdoor living area below the home is fantastic! The attention to detail Dustin puts into his homes is awesome. Dustin was also always extremely responsive to warranty issues and even after the warranty expired, we know we can (and have) reach out for help and advice. 

    When we were affected by the October 206 flood on the Highland Lakes, the first call we received for support and help was from Dustin. He and his son Drew came out the next day to help us clean up our outdoor living area and the pool beneath the living area of our home which had flooded. He also arranged for help from his sub-contractors to assist with clean up and repairs and continued to provide advice as we worked through our insurance issues. We also realized the many things Dustin has done in the design of the home and foundation) including adding extra elevation to the main living area) that minimized the damage done by the flood.  

    We can't speak highly enough about Dustin's integrity, professionalism, work ethic, responsiveness and the commitment to quality he demands of himself and all of his subcontractors. Dustin Builds homes not houses!

    Jeff & Karen Hedges
    Colina Cove
    Lake LBJ
    Jeff & Karen Hedges
  • The Marlatt Residence
    The Marlatt Residence
    Trusting Dustin Dewald with the design/build of our home was one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. Dustin worked tirelessly to ensure the home we envisioned in our minds eye was the home that he would build and we would move into. Throughout the process, he kept us informed of the construction progress, adapted to our meet our new requirements, and was ever-present to ensure the work continued on schedule and without problems. His many years of experience were invaluable as he articulated insights we never would have otherwise considered. Thank you for job well done! We are extremely pleased with our new home.
    The Marlatt Family
  • The Dennis Residence
    The Dennis Residence
    We met with several builders when we were looking to build our custom dream home. Dustin Dewald was definitely the most knowledgeable and experienced, which is why we hired him. The entire experience from start to finish has been extremely pleasant. Dustin had patience that was unseen and unheard of as I constantly changed my mind. His expertise in assisting with us choosing the perfect lot and designing the perfect home is applaudable. We have never heard of anyone having this pleasant experience building a custom home. We definitely recommend anyone who is considering building a custom home to contact Dustin Dewald.
    The Dennis Family
  • The Kure Residence
    The Kure Residence
    Lisa and I took the unprecedented step of choosing your team to build our home while stationed in Hawaii and I was deployed to Iraq. Building a home and dealing with all the issues that come along with construction was a significant concern to us, especially when this was our first home. Your team addressed all those concerns, allaying all fears, and removing the unexpected challenges up front before we broke ground. Your patience to work with us from a distance through a myriad of phone calls, e-mails and photos was remarkable. Other custom homebuilders were unwilling to accept this challenge. The exceptional professional courtesies extended to us from the initial design, selection, and building stages to the final move in were recognized by us and deeply appreciated.

    Even more unusual is the continuing relationship and caring your staff provides after construction is complete. We continue to find the level of after-service to be wonderful. Stepping into that house is one of our great pleasures in life. Lisa and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done in building our dream home. You truly exceeded our expectations and your commitment to the highest level of quality and standards are in keeping with your recognition as the 2008 Central Texas Custom Homebuilder of Year.

    We highly recommend Dustin Dewald Custom Homebuilders to anyone considering building their dream home.
    The Kure Family
  • The Burgess Residence
    The Burgess Residence
    Our home exceeded our expectations; it’s so functional and beautiful. Everyone that walks through our home is in awe.

    Dustin Dewald has your best interest at heart and will work hard making sure everything is right. His honesty and integrity is above reproach. We would not hesitate to use Dustin again for our builder. Dustin deserves our highest recommendation.
    The Burgess Family
  • The Ewart Residence
    The Ewart Residence

    Dear Dustin,

    I just wanted to write a note to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you and how happy we are with our home. From our first meeting, both Fran and I felt comfortable working with you. You came across as a straight-shooter, a person who would do what he said he would do, very down to earth, and a good listener. All of our first impressions proved to be true. In the beginning, we only had magazine pictures, a feel for the home we wanted to build, and a budget. You designed a home that was exactly what we wanted and was within our budget. We absolutely love the plan of our home. From the day construction began, we were impressed with the quality of workmanship. All of the subcontractors were professional and did quality work. Everything happened on schedule and was completed on schedule. And we really appreciate all the extras you did for us; finding contractors to build our road, put in a front gate, the studio, fence work, and the list goes on. You really went way above and beyond the call of duty for us and it made a real difference in our experience. I’ve heard it said that building a house can put strain on you and your marriage. That certainly wasn’t the case for us. Working with you to build our house was a pleasure and our experience was nothing but great. Fran and I actually had fun watching the house go up and we never had a single episode where something was not done right or the construction process did not go as we had been told. And now, we absolutely love our home. We have lived in the house for over a year and everything has been great. This is a quality built home, very energy efficient, everything works, and to us, the house is beautiful. We often remark to each other what good fortune it was that we walked into your office that day. You’re a wonderful guy to work with and have truly built us the house of our dreams.

    Ned and Fran Ewart


    Ned and Fran Ewart